Optimum Nutrition & Foods you Buy

To get optimum nutrition you need to eat a good diet. But that is not enough. The best nutritional information is quite clear: it is not possible to get a truly nutritious diet from the foods you buy. Most of them have been showered with a variety of chemicals, which we then eat. Few of these have been properly tested to see what effect they have on us when consumed for a lifetime.

In addition, heat and light destroy many nutrients in foods, so that by the time we eat them, the level of nutrients is low. Then, there is the experiment in genetically modified (GM) foods, banned in some countries and by some supermarket chains. Clearly, our diet is worse than it was 100 years ago in many ways - yet more nutritional information is available.

Another problem of modern living is that animals and plants used for food have been interbred to just produce more food - often at the expense of quality and the health of the plant and animal. Healthy animals and plants produce better food.

Many experts will now tell you it is impossible to obtain all your nutrients from food - unless you eat huge amounts. This is why they recommend supplements. For example, the prestigious Nutrition Review showed some years ago that it was impossible to get sufficient vitamins from our food supplies.

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Healthy Food: Sprouting Grains

In order to make your nutrition healthier, it is recommended to sprout your own grains and include them in your everyday diet.

Sprouting grains are very easy to prepare. When a seed is put in water, enzymes are activated, mucus is reduced and digestion is aided. Protein turns into essential amino-acids and starch turns into simple sugars and vitamin multiplies.

Choose seeds that are not too old and free from chemicals. Look for young, viable and whole seeds (get them from organic farmer or healthshop). Seeds that can be commonly sprouted in a jar are alfalfa, beans, lentils, soyabeans, shelled sunflower seeds, peanuts, almonds,wheat, rye and spice seed (fenugreek, mustard seeds). Wheat grass, lentils, beans and oat grass can also be grown.

Begin by washing the seeds well with fresh,pure water and then remove any broken ones. Soak the seeds in water overnight and rinsed thoroughly. Use the purest water for washing the seeds. Then drain the water - the seeds should be rinsed well. The jar of seeds should be set upside down in a dish rack to drain off all the water for ten minutes or longer. Good rinsing and drainage give good healthy sprout.

The sprouts need water two or three times a day. Cover the jar with a mesh screen, cheesecloth or nylon stocking. Shake the jar several times a day to loosen the grains from the bottom of the jar. Remember, excessive amount water will spoil the grains.

The sprouts are usually ready in two or five days depending on the temperature. Do not place them in direct sunlight - it is too hot and hфrmful for the tender sprouts. Therefore, place them in indirect sunlight to bring the chlorophyll into the leaves.

Remember to rinse the sprouts to give them a constant supply of fresh water. Do not let them dry up. If the sprouts are not rinsed, they may get spoiled.

Eat the sprouts at the peak of their vitality and nutritional value. Enjoy your meal!

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Fruit and Vegetables Everyday

Overall eat five portions of fruit and vegetables each day excluding potatoes or French fries.

If you adopt this program, you will lose weight. Don't expect results in a week or a month. After all, you took a long time getting overweight, it'll take some time to get rid of the weight.

Start imagining the new, slimmer you, and how this will improve your life. Imagine the fun you'll have and how much healthier you'll become - and you will.

Also, set yourself targets of what you'll eat this week compared with last week - it's a good idea to keep a record of what you eat because it is so easy to forget those little extras you have between meals.

Now, with the aid of better nutrition and without faddy diets, you can become all you desire.

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